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Injuu Gakuen

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¦¦ Titles are translated from the Japanese release. ¦¦
Other names:
  • 淫獣学園
  • La Blue Girllabpose
Injuu Gakuen (a.k.a. La BLue Girl) OVA

1. Injuu Gakuen - La blue girl (a.k.a. La Blue Girl)
2. Injuu Gakuen - La blue girl 2 (a.k.a. La Blue Girl 2)
3. Injuu Gakuen 3 - Shikima sakkai no shou (a.k.a. La Blue Girl 3)
4. Injuu Gakuen 4: youtou inkai no shou (a.k.a. La Blue Girl 4)
5. Shin Injuu Gakuen (a.k.a. New La Blue Girl)
6. Shin Injuu Gakuen 2 (a.k.a. New La Blue Girl 2)

Inju Gakuen Fukkatsu-hen OVA (a.k.a. La Blue Girl Returns: Demon Seed)

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

Injuu Gakuen EX OVA (a.k.a. Lady Blue)

1. The First Love of the Shikima
2. The Curse of the Mysterious Lovelabsit
3. The Hell of the Cursed Love
4. The Reincarnation of Sad Love

From Them anime reviews:

Mido Miko is a high school girl (don't let the box copy fool you, she's not in "college") whose family secret is that she is a ninja trained in the secret art of sex-based magic. She uses it to defeat demons and other unsavory characters, while getting off in the process.

More infolabxtra

Maeda Toshio is the author & artist of the original manga, which ran for 6 tankoubon. Matt Lunsford also wrote some La Blue Girl comics. The original manga was published in Japan by Leed Sha and in America by Manga 18 / Central Park Media as "La Blue Girl - The Original Manga." In addition to the books, there have also been some video games and a series of Japanese live-action movies (pictured on bottom). No matter the format of this series (paper or film), this is not an anime for children.


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